The Company Mission

Head Produzione Sx

As the foundation of all its activities,
Naba Carni has a series of fundamental values and principles.
Constant control of the supply chain to maintain the guarantee, quality, and safety of the product and respect the wellbeing of the animals
Safeguarding the customer by guaranteeing a traceability system that allows each individual production process in the company to be traced
Respect for tradition
Investing in innovation and research for the success of the horsemeat market in the future
Create a flexible organization for both Italian and foreign markets that is capable of responding to the varying market needs completely
Value people, experience, and training of the employees in the various areas of the company, making them fundamental players
Give real "value" to the customer by always supplying high quality products

Head Produzione Dx



A proposito della vicenda che ha investito l'industria alimentare nelle ultime settimane, Naba Carni vuole rassicurare i consumatori sulla genuinità e la sicurezza dei suoi prodotti.   La carne di cavallo è un alimento sano e nutriente e Naba Carni mette in atto tutti i controlli previsti dalla normativa italiana ed europea per garantire l’alta qualità e la sicurezza dei suoi prodotti.