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The story that has accompanied Naba Carni
is rich with successes and achievements.

In fact, although NABA CARNI is a young company, it has deep roots that deeply tie it to the Masina family. Bernardino Masina was the first horse trader ancestor, followed by his son, Giovanni. In 1888, Giovanni's son Angelo was born. It was he who developed the commercial activities related to horsemeat after the First World War when he opened a butcher's shop in Lonato.

Thus in 1928, Macelleria Masina in Lonato began the growth that Angelo's son, Rinaldo, born in 1915, took to top levels of ability and quality. Rinaldo's son, Virginio, was born in 1951. He grew up playing in the stables, in direct contact with the horses. In this magic unique place, Virginio found his life's inspiration. When he was only 10 years old, in order to help the family, Virginio went to the weekly livestock market 10 km from home, returned on foot with the horses he bought, and slaughtered them himself. Following this early life experience, Virginio dreamed of having a large horsemeat company, in a context that still needed to be created. In 1978, Virginio founded NABA CARNI. In 1975, Virginio's son Rinaldo was born. He, too, grew up within the Masina family tradition and the horse became his reason for living. In 1995, he joined his father's company, which was now expanding quickly, and since 2002, he has been the director of the foreign plants.

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A proposito della vicenda che ha investito l'industria alimentare nelle ultime settimane, Naba Carni vuole rassicurare i consumatori sulla genuinità e la sicurezza dei suoi prodotti.   La carne di cavallo è un alimento sano e nutriente e Naba Carni mette in atto tutti i controlli previsti dalla normativa italiana ed europea per garantire l’alta qualità e la sicurezza dei suoi prodotti.