Research and Technology

Research and Technology

is a keyword at Naba Carni.

Product and process innovation, innovation in controls for total quality, innovation to meet growing consumer demands, and innovation to guarantee a safe product as well as high nutritional value.

Continuous Research

At Naba Carni, innovation is also the result of continuous dialogue between the world of science and the food industry. The knowledge of the former is the basis for the work of the latter. For this reason, over the years the company has forged relationships and collaborations with the major Italian universities, including the University of Padua – Department of Animal Science – to evaluate the quality of the meat of various foreign origin (Argentina, Poland, Brazil, and Canada), the University of Milan – Department of Food Science and Technology – to evaluate the effects of materials used in protective atmosphere packaging on the quality of portioned horsemeat, and, again with the University of Milan - Department of Pharmacology - for the "Evaluation and study of the nutritional properties of horsemeat, with particular attention to the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Technology Innovation

Naba Carni aims for excellence in quality thanks to its use of some of the most innovative technologies available in Italy for processing and packaging horsemeat. Packaging of horsemeat is a sensitive, complex process that requires suitable techniques and operations. For this reason, the company has fine-tuned the meat packaging system, both MAP and Skin, combining cutting-edge technology with expertise, product knowledge, and capability of processing and packaging, which are fundamental to the quality and shelf life of the product.

In evidence

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